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Culligan delivers 99.9999% bacteria-free water through Firewall® UVC technology, carbon filtration, and BioCote® antimicrobial protection.

The C7 Firewall® dispenser offers pathogen-free water, touch-free options, and eco-friendly design.

With expert installation and responsive support, Culligan ensures unmatched workplace hygiene and safety.

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Culligan champions sustainability with eco-friendly products, reducing plastic waste and through initiatives, like Culligan CARES.

Committed to UN Sustainable Development Goals, Culligan strives for a better world through cleaner, healthier water and our core sustainability efforts.

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Pure, safe, and innovative hydration solutions certified to global standards.

Patented Firewall® UVC purification, high-performance filtration, antimicrobial protection, and contactless operation guarantee exceptional taste and safety.

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