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Looking to lease a water cooler? Look no further than Culligan. With years of experience renting water coolers to offices and businesses across Australia we offer a range of dispensers and a first-class service. Contact us today, share your requirements, and we’ll quickly provide you with a no-obligation quote.

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With our rental packages we take care of everything for you.
Culligan's installation specialists ensure a seamless setup of your water product or system, no matter the size we manage jobs big or small
We offer regular maintenance, including filter replacements and sanitisation, to keep your system running smoothly.
Contact our customer support for prompt issue resolution or machine replacement.
Expert advice
Get tailored, no-obligation guidance from our experts to find the perfect water solution for your business.

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    Why choose Culligan?

    By choosing Culligan to rent your water dispenser for your business, you’re partnering with decades of expertise and experience tailored specifically to your workplace.

    Our commitment to exceptional water quality, unmatched service, and sustainable solutions guarantees that your employees and customers will benefit from the advantages of refreshing, clean water daily.

    With Culligan, you’re not just acquiring a water system; you’re fostering a healthier, more productive workplace.

    Water cooler dispensers to rent

    A selection of our water machines for rental, including full service for your peace of mind.

    Most popular
    C7 Firewall® Mains-Fed Water Dispenser
    • Outstanding purification on-demand
    • Provides up to 5 water options
    • High-volume machine
    C7 Firewall® Countertop
    • Outstanding purification on-demand
    • Provides up to 5 water options
    • High-volume, countertop machine
    CH2 Firewall® Classe Series
    • Microbiologically purified water
    • Durable design for high usage
    • For demanding environments
    C1000 GF Max Freestanding Water Dispenser
    • Gravity-fed for faster dispensing
    • High-capacity output of cold water
    • Designed for demanding environments

    Our water dispenser rental packages, tailored to suit you

    We offer comprehensive rental packages catering to various needs, including plumbed-in dispensers, water bubblers, and instant boiling & chilled taps.


    Installation, service & maintenance

    Our aim is to provide hassle-free water solutions for our customers. Rest assured, all service and maintenance are covered in your monthly rental fee.

    Our experienced technicians handle everything from installation to regular maintenance.

    They perform regular cleaning, changing filters, and sanitisation to guarantee your water cooler operates at peak performance consistently.


    Flexible Short-Term Rentals

    Customised contracts to match your business needs, offering the freedom to select your desired contract duration.

    We recognise that not every business seeks a long-term commitment to a water cooler, hence our flexible rental solutions.

    Opting to lease a water dispenser from Culligan grants you access to top-quality hydration without the burden of upfront costs associated with purchasing.

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    Fixed monthly rates

    Our fixed monthly rates provide a dependable approach to managing your business expenses.

    With Culligan’s water cooler rental plans, you gain the advantage of consistent and predictable water costs, removing concerns about unexpected expenses.

    Enjoy peace of mind and budget confidently with our affordable prices, allowing you to plan ahead and avoid sudden spikes in your expenditure.

    Cost-effective water dispenser rental

    Cost-effective water dispenser rental

    Switch to Culligan’s rental service to cut costs on bottled water. Our fixed rates eliminate unnecessary expenses like bottle purchasing and additional service fees, saving your business money.

    Beyond cost savings, our rental service streamlines operations by eliminating the hassle of lifting, storing, and replacing heavy bottles. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of injuries.

    Plus, our service includes installation and setup by trained engineers, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your business.