Driven by innovation and environmental responsibility, we integrate advanced technologies to create high-quality, certified products. Our goal: delivering the safest, most sustainable, and exceptionally refreshing water experience.

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Firewall® UVC purification

Culligan’s patented Firewall® UVC technology ensures thorough water purification, reaching from the source to the nozzle, preventing the entry of bacteria and viruses.

This safeguarding measure guarantees a steady supply of uncontaminated, delicious drinking water for your staff.

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High-performance filtration

Culligan’s cutting-edge carbon filters are effective at removing sediment, chlorine, and various contaminants from the water.

Beyond purification, these filters neutralise unpleasant tastes and odours, creating a crisp, refreshing hydration experience.

Importantly, they retain the naturally occurring and beneficial minerals found in water, ensuring not only cleanliness but also the healthiest drink for your employees.

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Antimicrobial protection

BioCote® antimicrobial technology inhibits odour and stain-causing microbes like bacteria and mould on dispenser surfaces.

Note that BioCote® does not protect against viruses or substitute proper cleaning practices of your dispenser.

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Contactless operation

Our touch-free solutions eliminate the need to touch buttons and dials, reducing the risk of germ transmission between users.

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    Innovating for pure, exceptional taste

    Culligan’s cutting-edge innovation, redefining water purity standards:

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    Firewall®: Purify & protect

    Instantly purifies water up to 99.9999% bacteria-free.

    Our patented Firewall® technology ensures thorough purification from the source to the nozzle of your dispenser, acting as a barrier against bacteria and viruses.

    Faster and more effective than conventional UV methods, Firewall® sets the highest global standard for water purification.

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    Carbon filtration

    Our advanced filters eliminate sediment, chlorine, and impurities while preserving essential minerals for clear, delicious water.

    Eco-friendly with biodegradable cartridges, they’re BioCote® protected and certified to global standards, ensuring both purity and environmental responsibility.

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    BioCote® protection

    Unlike ordinary additives, BioCote® is infused during product manufacturing, ensuring continuous, long-lasting surface defense that doesn’t fade or wash away. This helps maintain its effectiveness throughout the dispenser’s lifetime.

    BioCote® is certified by HACCP International, safeguarding surfaces from odour- and stain-causing microbes.

    Please note that BioCote® does not protect against bacteria, viruses, or germs, and proper cleaning practices are still essential.

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